Researches so far have proved that the coronavirus not just affects the lungs but also causes damage to other vital organs including Kidneys. The virus affects the kidney function as the illness develops and afterward as a person recovers.

  • Reports of the covid patients suggest that some of the people suffering with severe cases of covid show signs of kidney issues. What should be noted is that, even when those people had no underlying kidney problems before they were infected with the coronavirus, their kidney’s showed damage.

  • After getting affected with covid, the kidney issues were severe in the patients who already had some or the other underlying health issue. These included diabetes and high blood pressure, which are known to affect the kidneys already.

How does the Virus affect the kidneys?

  • Though is it is still not very clear on how does the virus affects the kidneys, the reports of the patients show tissue damages in kidney. The kidney may get affected due to low supply of oxygen thus restricting its functioning. Poor blood flow and formation of blood clots preventing kidneys to filter urine were also reported.

  • High levels of protein in the urine and abnormal blood work were the common kidney issues reported.

  • There are also examples of some conditions, the people with coronavirus had complete kidney damage and had to go through dialysis.

  • Cases of covid fatalities including that because of kidney failure also contributes to a significant number in overall fatalities cases.

Who is at most Risk?

  • People with underlying health conditions are at higher risk of getting kidney related complications during covid.

  • Especially people suffering from Diabetes and Hypertension could get most affected as these conditions affect the kidney health the most.


How to save the kidneys in such condition?

  • It is important for the patients to monitor their kidney health even after they are declared covid free. The people are suggested to take extra care when they already have even a minor kidney condition or any other underlying health condition.

  • In general, precaution is the best cure. People are suggested to wash their hands regularly, wear mask, maintain social distance, not stress and take proper rest and prescribed medication.

  • The good news is that patients do recover from these kidney issues. Especially people with overall good health and those who have maintained proper kidney management schedule after covid recovery are reported to have recovered well from the kidney damages.

  • People with severe kidney or other health conditions like Diabetes and Hypertension are likely to get a long recovery.

  • It is important to mention that the damage to the kidneys is less when the kidney issue is detected earlier. Doctors around the world are now diagnosing the covid patients for other organ issues as well. This is helping in the early detection of kidney issues and allowing the doctors in improving the treatment plan. The treatment plan thus also includes management of kidney issues.

As the researches are still going on the affects of the coronavirus on kidneys, better treatment and affective therapies could be developed. These would help to reduce the affect of the coronavirus on kidneys or may work for better and faster recovery of the damaged kidneys.