Nov- Dec 2020


These Lock Down times due to the Covid19 pandemic unrivaled any other times we have experienced so far in recent history.

The effects it has had on our emotional and mental health,

stands unmatched under many circumstances since there’s nothing concrete to put your fingers into. The fear and the irreality of the situation have sunken many into the void of restlessness and despair like no other.

The child in this situation is the Metaphor since Children’s voices or the missed part of their childhood has just been grazed under.

It’s them who have been most explicitly exposed to the trepidation of the contamination like no other.

Some children especially very young children have visibly evoked the body’s natural response to somatic fears as their young minds deflect and contours everything they experience and feel.

It is this that we have to be watchful about, be concerned about and accept that it is only normal for them to react in the way they are reacting at the moment.

Children have adapted to this ‘New’ in ways unimaginable and some have under their own circumstances come out with art to express and feel.

Whilst it’s difficult to put every feeling into an expressed form, this way of poetry and art have given a few the cathartic relief in some way.

Sharing the works of those kids who have been in touch with their feelings of expression during these times.

                                                                                                                                         Dr Varsha Dutta Pujari                                                                                                

We are starting this series with Sharanya Shankar, age 15


Covid19 Pandemic: The Children During The Pandemic


Deep into the night,
The white blossoms bloom.
Sweet fragrance fills the air,
Petals illuminated by the moon.

The buildings stand tall,
Sparsely artificially illuminated.
Stolen light from the sun
Leaves the longing for light sated.

The incense wafts through the sky,
Bringing with it a sense of ecstasy.
Silence comforts minds full of dreams
As the rustling of the leaves cease.

As they convert thoughts
From abstract to physical forms,
Daring minds strive to imagine
Letting new ideas be born.

Under the scattered stars,
The land seems to sleep,
But the jasmines remain awake.
Into sleeping minds, their fragrance seeps.


She wakes up
And finds herself
In a mess

She notices the strings
Around her ankles,
And her palms,
Like shackles

And she looks up
To see
Who the puppeteer is
It’s society

She dances
As they please
She heaves

They don’t
Even notice
They’re holding the strings
That force her over the precipice

Then she realizes
That they don’t want
To play puppet

It’s just her

Tying herself to them
Supposedly permanently

She cuts
The strings loose
From herself
With nothing to lose

And faces
The mess
Made while
She was in distress

But unconsciously
She ties
Herself while feeding
Her mind lies

But society moves
And so do the strings
And she dances, not helplessly

While she thinks
A decision is made
And the fire lights
Burning the strings

Is her way to fight
And as they burn
She looks upset
And mutters to herself
‘Don’t play puppet’


The birds are chirping
They start even before the sun dares to illuminate the sky

It’s so loud
So permanent
So natural
This is what silence feels like

Natural silence
Devoid of artificial sounds
It’s so quiet
When all the birds talk to each other

To their families
Without any fear

It’s so loud
But not the kind of loudness that makes you uneasy
It’s the kind that you welcome and embrace

It’s the kind that you wish lasts
But the sun goes down
And the birds go to sleep

And you wonder what assortment of artificial sounds will torment you

When the humans come out again

From regular schooling to online schooling,

From social interaction to social distancing,

We’ve made many changes in our lifestyles in these past six months.

Instead of talking freely, we’ve begun to view others with suspicion. We exercise caution and have fear instilled in our minds. We see COVID warriors fighting the battle and we witness unfortunate losses as well.

We stay at home and look longingly at nature flourishing outside our windows. We remember a time where we took freedom for granted.

But we still keep going.

Amidst this chaos we still move forward, cooperating and watching as hope lingers over the horizon of our future.


Sharanya (beautiful name) has written very good poems.

It’s good, very creative. A good outlet for children to express in this controlled environment.
Will share in other groups
– Hemant Jagtap

A very good initiative, children will know where their strength is. And will become creative in Covid situations, and that will keep them away from depression.

– Dr. Unnati Lohade