Blockchain Market Size, Growth Global Forecast Report 2029

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Blockchain has the potential to reduce duplication of processes, increase process automation, help cut costs, and improve data management within organisations. The representative paper for cluster “blockchain technology” was published by Lansiti and Lakhani , who analyze the inherent features of blockchain and pointed out that we still have a lot to do to apply blockchain extensively. Other researchers have explored the characteristics of blockchain technology from multiple perspectives. For example, Xu explores the types of fraud and malicious activities that blockchain technology can prevent and identifies attacks to which blockchain remains vulnerable. Meanwhile, Aune et al. propose a cryptographic approach to solve information leakage problems on a blockchain. This study will conduct a systematic and objective review that is based on data statistics and analysis.

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If the manufacture of product B is held up because of a disruption in the production of component C3, the optimal move is to temporarily allocate inventory of C1 to product A until the disruption is resolved. Blockchain technology stands out for its transparency, immutability, repudiation, security, scalability, and efficiency, leading companies to use it to improve customer experiences. Blockchain technology can track the lifecycle of any asset, and thereby reduce piracy of intellectual property, protect digital content, and facilitate the distribution of authentic digital collectibles. As per the global market statistics, North America dominated the market in 2020. The major share can be attributed to major players, such as IBM Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Oracle Corporation, AWS, and Digital Asset Holdings LLC, in the United States.

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If a user loses their private key, they face numerous challenges, making this one disadvantage of blockchains. Another disadvantage is the scalability restrictions, as the number of transactions per node is limited. Because of this, it can take several hours to finish multiple transactions and other tasks. It can also be difficult to change or add information after it is recorded, which is another significant disadvantage of blockchain.

blockchain industry

Each block on the blockchain contains its unique hash and the unique hash of the block before it. Transactions on the blockchain network are approved by thousands of computers and devices. This removes almost all people from the verification process, resulting in less human error and an accurate record of information. Even if a computer on the network were to make a computational mistake, the error would only be made to one copy of the blockchain and not be accepted by the rest of the network. Blockchain can also give those in countries with unstable currencies or financial infrastructures a more stable currency and financial system. They would have access to more applications and a wider network of individuals and institutions with whom they can do domestic and international business.


Building on their blockchain pilot launched with the IBM Food Trust in 2018, Nestlé and Carrefour are testing a similar service with customers for their Mousline mashed potatoes product in France. Consumers can get access to data stored on the project blockchain by scanning a QR code on the Mousline packaging, enabling them to see how the product traveled from farmer to the Nestlé factory to their Carrefour store. The Home Depot has partnered with IBM to use blockchain to manage its supplier relationships. By keeping a shared, time-stamped record of the flow of its goods during shipping and receiving, the retailer has been able to reduce its vendor disputes and the time it takes to resolve them. Blockchain, aligned with data standards, has the potential to speed up some of these processes and reduce costs.

  • Under this central authority system, a user’s data and currency are technically at the whim of their bank or government.
  • Blockchain technology can help to save reinsurers up to $10B and reduce risk by facilitating information-sharing and cutting costs by automating processes at the same time.
  • Using a decentralized database makes sharing tracking data between companies a lot easier.
  • This suggests that this article has had a strong influence on the research of blockchain.

Anyone can have access to this very private information because it is all contained in centrally located files. When someone asks someone else for a person’s information, it can take hours for that person to locate the right file, offering opportunities for data breaches, theft or losses. A blockchain blockchain technology trends is a decentralized ledger of all transactions across a peer-to-peer network. Using this technology, participants can confirm transactions without a need for a central clearing authority. Potential applications can include fund transfers, settling trades, voting and many other issues.

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The objective of blockchain interoperability is therefore to support such cooperation among blockchain systems, despite those kinds of differences. Banks are interested in this technology not least because it has the potential to speed up back office settlement systems. For example, Ethereum was hard-forked in 2016 to “make whole” the investors in The DAO, which had been hacked by exploiting a vulnerability in its code. In this case, the fork resulted in a split creating Ethereum and Ethereum Classic chains. In 2014 the Nxt community was asked to consider a hard fork that would have led to a rollback of the blockchain records to mitigate the effects of a theft of 50 million NXT from a major cryptocurrency exchange. The hard fork proposal was rejected, and some of the funds were recovered after negotiations and ransom payment.

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North America dominated the blockchain technology market with a share of 37.77% in 2022. This is attributable to the faster adoption of innovative technologies in developed countries such as the U.S., and Canada. This initiative is expected to help the company strengthen its market position.

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Some similarly use blockchain to bring more transparency to their supply chains. “They’re using blockchain for more transparent movement of assets and for fractionalization of assets,” Litan said, adding that blockchain is a great technology for both tracking and real-time settlement. EIOPA published adiscussion paper and launched public consultation on Blockchain and smart contracts in insurancein 2021. The outcome of this discussion paper will help to better understand the developments and risks and benefits for the insurance industry.

With DLT, data is distributed across a peer-to-peer network, rather than being stored in a single location. A consensus algorithm is used for verifying information authenticity; proof of stake and proof of work are two frequently used consensus methods. Cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that use blockchain technology to record and secure every transaction. A cryptocurrency can be used as a digital form of cash to pay for everyday items as well as larger purchases, like cars and homes. It can be bought using one of several digital wallets or trading platforms, then digitally transferred upon purchase of an item, with the blockchain recording the transaction and the new owner.

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Lastly, as highlighted above in the insurance section, blockchain technology has an important role to play in terms of auto insurance. Just like the tamperproof odometer, a vehicle information system built on the blockchain-based network would prove to be a boon. Thirdly for SCM, blockchain tech can significantly improve the traceability of the shipments as well as the required transportation documentation , which would reduce fraud, delays, corruption and resulting costs. The trustless nature of blockchain technology also helps in addressing the trust issues that usually exist between the stakeholders within an SCM transaction.

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In 2020, the company was acquired by Hyland Credentials, which provides a blockchain-based system for issuing and verifying digital credentials. Deploying blockchain solutions in education could streamline verification procedures, thereby reducing fraudulent claims of unearned educational credits. This property of blockchain, called censorship-resistance, came to be proven in 2018 when an open letter about an alleged harassment case at Peking University started circulating online in China. The government censored the letter from WeChat, the country’s predominant super app, and other sites and platforms. In response, an unidentified person posted the letter on the Ethereum blockchain — where it will continue to exist for as long as the blockchain remains. The transaction action was largely symbolic, though, as it will be difficult to find that message without knowing its hex code or transaction ID.