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In other words, the Redux pattern provides state management for JavaScript apps. You can use the Redux library with any frontend framework, such as React, Angular, or even Vue. In the end, you can implement the Redux pattern in any vanilla JS application.

redux meaning

Before the React Hooks era, you could make use of store.dispatch() to dispatch your actions for you. They decided to build off of Flux and implement some of it’s key concepts like a unidirectional data flow pattern. Kevin Miller is a growth marketer with an extensive background in Search Engine Optimization, paid acquisition and email marketing. There are many different words that mean the same things as the word redux. Synonyms are very useful to know if you are trying to avoid repeating yourself, as well as if you are working on improving your vocabulary. This list of synonyms for the word redux is provided by Thesaurus.

What Are Reducers in Redux?

In Array.reduce() we returned the sum of the accumulator and current value. If you take the example of our bank scenario then after withdrawal, the money in your bank vault is no longer the same. It will be updated and again, the Cashier and Vault will remain in sync with the balance left in your account.

But the journey of learning Redux doesn’t end here. We suggest you practice some more exercises on Redux and build some more complex projects. Also, don’t get afraid of so many libraries available in Redux. Each library has its own specific job that you will understand slowly and gradually. Now, remember the code to dispatch the action for individual tech React, React-redux, and Elm.


The state of the cart component will consist of all the items the user has added to the cart and the total number of those items. At all times the application is up and running, this component has to show the updated number of items in the user’s cart. Redux was created by Dan Abramov and Andrew Clark in 2015. Abramov began writing the first Redux implementation while preparing for a conference talk at React Europe on hot reloading. If you’re familiar with React then you won’t have a problem in understanding the structure of the above React application.

redux meaning

The store is a “container” that holds the application state, and the only way the state can change is through actions dispatched to the store. Redux allows individual components connect to the store and apply changes to it by dispatching actions. State is the current representation of all the actions the user has performed.

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It allows you to maintain a predictable state container for your JavaScript apps. This is important for consumer-facing applications where the interface changes based on user input. Store.getState() in line 4 will fetch the updated state whenever a re-render occurs. Now the app will work as you expect it to work and you will see the updated technology whenever you will click a specific button. If you look at the code we have written for creating actions you’ll notice that a few things are repeated in the code.

We’ll be implementing a similar example to the login component above but this time in Redux. Say we fetch a user’s profile details from an API. What if we need to show the user’s name on the DashboardComponent.js and then on a ProfileComponent.js?

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We’ll create a simple webpage that allows you to increase or decrease a counter in the state using plus and minus buttons. We’ll use a single index.html document that contains a script tag with all the necessary code. Imagine a pyramid structure of seven components where each component as two child components. However, situations occur where we have to share a state with a child component or a child component wants to modify the parent component’s state. Redux is a pattern and library for managing and updating application state, using events called “actions”.

  • The publication of the novel Rabbit Redux occurred in 1971.
  • Let’s break down what Redux is from a top-down approach and then look at some code.
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  • Given an initial state, with a specific list of actions in a specific order, it’ll always provide us with the exact same final state of the entity.
  • In our Redux app, we also want our Reducer to return a new state which should have the action text in there.
  • One might feel it adds up boilerplate code, making simple things a little overwhelming; but that depends upon the architecture decisions.

Each component can access the stored state without having to send down props from one component to another. This is because React was designed with the concept of states and lifecycles. And in React, state can also not be modified directly, it can only be done via the function setState. This makes it easier for Redux concepts to be applied because they share they same understanding and behavior of a state object. With Redux, we can make state data independent of the components, and when needed, a component can access or update through the Redux store. We’ve created our initialState object that just has a property of items which is an empty array to begin with.

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You might assume that keeping the app’s state global would result in some performance degradation. This is the primary reason why you should use Redux, but it’s not the only benefit. Take a look at the list below for a summary of what you stand to gain by using Redux for state management.

Since mid-2016, the primary maintainers are Mark Erikson and Tim Dorr. Another method that we execute on the store is to dispatch an action. We have discussed all the main terminology of Redux, and we have tried our best to explain each one of them in the simplest way.

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Redux can also be used for server-side rendering. With it, you can handle the initial render of the app by sending the state of an app to the server along with its response to the server request. The required components are then rendered in HTML and sent to the clients. For medium- and large-scale apps, debugging takes more time then actually developing features. Redux DevTools makes it easy to taker advantage of all Redux has to offer. This might look a little overwhelming, but in most cases, you might not need to create your own middleware since the huge Redux community has already made a number of them available.